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We take great care in the manufacture of the products we sell. So, we are able to guarantee our products against
manufacturing fault which makes it as being incapable to be used for its anticipated purpose. However, if the
product does fail due to a manufacturing fault between the warranty timeline (please see below for warranty 
details for each brand) we will replace it or repair it at our expense.

This guarantee is invalid if you use the product in a way which causes damage beyond normal wear and tear. 
This consists of exposing the product to caustic materials that may cause the materials in it to break down. 
If you think that your product has a manufacturing error, please return to us for assessment. 

For Blundstone's six month manufacturer's warranty click here.

For John Bull's six month warranty click here.

For Howler's six month manufacturer's warranty click here.

For Steel Blue's six month warranty click here.

For Oliver's six month manufacturer's warranty click here.


Comfort Guarantee

 We guarantee 100% comfort, so if you're not happy in the first 30 days, you'll get your money back! 
You have absolutely nothing to lose by trying our boots.

For Blundstone's 30 day comfort guarantee click here.

For John Bull's 30 day comfort guarantee click here.

For Steel Blue's 30 day comfort guarantee click here.

For Oliver's 55 series 30 day comfort guarantee click here.



All our boot are in AU/UK sizes
Please click here to see the size conversion chart.
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Steel Blue:

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