Protect yourself from workplace hazards and rugged terrain with a pair of high-quality safety gumboots. At Safety Boots, we offer a selection of gumboots designed to keep you safe from extreme temperatures, toxic chemicals, and heavy machinery. Our safety boots are also ideal for clean rooms and dust-sensitive environments.


Our gumboots come in different sizes and price ranges, all manufactured by the most trusted brands in the industry. Our steel cap gumboots are engineered to provide extra cushioning and impact absorption. Our products are also known for their waterproofing and resilience to oil and acid, as well as protection against cuts and abrasions.

Browse available steel cap gumboots in NZ below-

Safe and comfortable boots for any environment 

We have a wide range of high quality and affordable safety footwear from leading brands in the industry. Aside from our safety gumboots, we stock a range of protective footwear for bot