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How to Pick a Comfortable Safety Boot

Date: 08-10-2021

 Worker putting on safety boot sitting on stool

On the job you can be on your feet for 8+ hours a day, so it’s critical you invest in a pair of boots that are comfortable over long periods of time. When searching for work boots in New Zealand there are five main things to look out for, and today we run through those five key attributes to talk about some boots that could be worth considering.



Cushioning will be one of the main factors to consider when choosing a safety boot. Cushioning will lessen the impact on your feet, legs, and back during the day-to-day physicality of a job. This cushioning can come in a variety of designs, from a thick rubber sole to a special impact absorbing system, like the one in Oliver’s 34660 Zip Sided Lace-up safety boots. Insufficient cushioning can lead to bruised feet and sore legs, so making sure the padding underfoot is enough is extremely important for comfort.


Water Resistance

Nobody likes wet socks, but getting a boot that will keep water out is an absolute must for some professions. Luckily, there are many work boots in New Zealand that provide water resistance as a feature. There are different levels of water resistance available across a range of standards; you can check with our friendly team to find out how much water resistance you will need, and we will be able to recommend a boot to provide it.


Fit & Support

A safety boot can be constructed to perfection, but it won’t matter if you don’t get the fit right or don’t get the right amount of support. Feet come in all different shapes and sizes and getting a size that fits you perfectly can be difficult. To help, we have provided sizing guides across a range of brands, including Oliver boots. The other thing to consider is how much support you will need; if you regularly walk across uneven terrain, then getting a high-rise boot with ample ankle support will help you feel more comfortable.



A pair of boots can feel light enough in the morning but extremely heavy after a few hours of hard work. That’s why prioritising a light boot is important to keep them comfortable to wear. Safety footwear such as Oliver’s 44515 Lace-up Safety Shoe have a low-density Polyurethane midsole keeping them extremely light feeling over long periods of time. Also, in general, a high-rise boot is going to be heavier than a low-rise, so that may be a factor in making your decision too.



When working in hot temperatures having stuffy boots on can be a very uncomfortable experience. Get boots with ample airflow so that your feet can breathe in hot temperatures. Some boots will have a perforated air channel in the footbed to enhance airflow through the boot. Airflow will also help keep your boots hygienic over the long term and prevent any bad smells.


Get the Most Comfortable Boots Possible 

If you’re needing a pair of boots which will be comfortable during the long hours at work, then we can help. Browse our broad range of work boots today, and get a pair that will keep your feet more comfortable for longer.