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4 Types Of Safety Boots To Protect You From Workplace Hazards

Date: 14-08-2020

When it comes to workplace safety, we often ignore our feet. 

Foot injuries of the employees also hurt the brands badly, as there are too many missed days of work due to them. So, it’s incredibly crucial to ensure the safety of the feet of the people in the workplace, and for that, you need safety boots.

As the injuries can be different in different workplaces, the shoes you wear should also be chosen to serve the purpose. You can visit Safety Boots for a range of shoes to choose from to avoid any foot injury while working and if you are unsure of which shoes to buy, keep on reading. We have listed the types of safety boots required in various workplaces. Have a look: 


Metatarsal Boots

If you work at a construction site and you have to lift heavy objects, then metatarsal boots are ideal for you. These shoes are designed to protect the upper part of the feet and bones while also protecting toes, internally and externally.


Electric Hazard Boots

If your job demands the handling of high voltage circuits and machines, then you must wear electric hazard boots. They are manufactured from non-conductive electricity resistant materials so that you don’t get an electric shock, even after contact with live wires. Electrical hazard shoes prevent the user from completing the circuit while working with an electric device.


Steel Insole Boots

These shoes are ideal for you if your job involves a lot of driving or pushing pedals. The steel insole boots are designed to reduce joint pain that can occur because of your job demands. They are designed to keep your feet stabilised while working and provide you with the comfort to prevent joint pain. 


Metal Instep Shoes

You should wear metal instep shoes if you work at a place where you can find pointed objects like broken glass, pins, cut metals etc. on the surface. These shoes are the best fit for those who work in industries to protect their feet from injuries.


It’s crucial to take care of your feet while doing your job by choosing fit-for-purpose footwear. You can check out our vast collection of such footwear at Safety Boots and ensure your safety from foot injuries.