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Best Women’s Work Boots: Durability, Comfort, & Style | Safety Boots

Date: 01-03-2022

Woman wearing black safety boots for work

The Best Women’s Work Boots: Combining Durability, Comfort, and Style

Finding the perfect safety work boots in NZ can be niggly, especially for women. Comfort, practicality, and style often don’t go hand in hand- but it doesn’t have to be hard. Many brands have started producing safety boots specifically tailored to women’s feet, with a bonus of looking good too.

Buying women’s work boots for the first time? Then where you work will impact which hazards your work boots must withstand. Workplace hazards and protocols determine the level of protection needed. Whether you’re a plumber, carpenter or pounding airport tarmac, it’s good to know how to stay safe at work.

Steel-caps, composite toes, lace-up or slip-on safety boots offer different levels of comfort and protection, but what about the best women’s work boots for style? Fashion and practicality aren’t usually great mates, but brands are now bringing out safety boots that tick all the boxes. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best, and most stylish, women’s safety boots.


From steel-toe to scuff-cap, top your feet with proper protection

The higher the hazard, the hardier the shoe. This is where steel-toed boots come in. Steel-toed boots are what they say on the tin, a cap of protective steel covering the toes. They’re sturdy numbers that will keep feet protected from heavy or sharp objects floating around your work site.


Steel-toes can come with a scuff/bump cap—an added layer of durable material. The extra cover not only gives toes more protection but also provides work boots with longer life.


For a scuff-cap boot specifically designed for women, try Steel Blue’s boot offerings. A shorter ankle height caters for female feet and Steel Blue’s partnership with the Australian Physiotherapy Association means an ergonomic design for fighting fatigue with comfort. They also look good—really good.


Lighter women’s boot options, literally

Composite toes are the lightweights of safety work boots, but these shoes can still go toe-to-toe with the best safety footwear in the business. The protective layer is a mix of materials like fibreglass, carbon fibre or even Kevlar. The metal-free toe means composites are safety boots that can go through metal detectors. Think airports or nuclear plants. Composite toes offer protection without wasting your time at scanners.


A non-metal work boot means less bulk and can be the more stylish of the women’s safety boot choices.


The Blundstone 887 Women’s Ankle Work Boots are fun, lightweight and designed with comfort in mind. Their hiker style is a more subtle work boot with all the protection needed.

If you’re not into boots, Blundstone also offers a lace-up sneaker-style shoe. While probably best left off the track, the smaller style and laces mean less cumbersome and walker-friendly footwear, great for factory work.



Stylish Lace Up and Zip Up Safety Boots for Women

Lace-ups are the more secure work boot option. Tying laces tight means comfort and minimises the risk of feet slipping. Laces also give control of the fit to cater work boots to your level of comfort. However, lace-ups can cost time. This is where lace-up boots with  zip sides create the perfect slip-on safety boot. 


Many women’s safety work boots come with both laces and zips. It’s the best of both worlds. Tie the laces for a good fit, then zip on and zip off to work in style. The zips also allow air to pass through your work boots, keeping your toes cooler and your feet fresher, cutting down cleaning time.


These Oliver safety boots lace, zip, and strap up. A wide-fitted NATUREform steel toe cap and lightweight shock-absorbing soles also mean a good level of comfort, while their earthy brown tones step up your workplace style.


Buy the best women’s safety boots for your workplace, and your style

There are some great options for women’s safety work boots out there, no matter what industry you’re in. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, explore our range of Women's Safety Boots and see for yourself!