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Top 6 Tips for Picking the Right Safety Boot Size | Safety Boots NZ

Date: 03-02-2022

Top 6 Tips for Picking the Right Safety Boot Size 

Buying safety shoes is an investment you make so you can work safely without compromising comfort. Buying them online can be challenging, that’s why choosing the right work boot size is one aspect you shouldn’t overlook. Wearing ill-fitting safety shoes can affect your work performance and contribute to preventable bodily pains. It’s wise to choose work boots that fit perfectly from the start. Here’s how to choose safety shoes that fit you just right.


Wear the Appropriate Work Socks

Work socks are designed to reduce pressure and are thick enough to affect your shoe size. If you know you’re going to wear work socks, it may be best to wear them before measuring.


Measure Your Feet in the Afternoon 

Whether you’re shopping for safety gumboots or lace-ups online, you’ll want to get the most accurate measurements of your feet. The best time to do this is in the afternoon. This is because your feet change shape throughout the day. Your feet become wider and longer compared to when you measure them early in the morning.

To get the most accurate measurements, you should be standing while measuring and start from the heel to the longest toe. The measurement you get is your shoe size.


Measure Both Feet

It’s best to measure both your left and right feet as there will be differences in length. To make online shoe shopping hassle-free, always choose the size of the longest foot. If you find that you’re halfway between two sizes, always size up. For those with wider feet, we suggest selecting a half size up.


Test them Out 

Once you get access to your safety shoes, we recommend giving them a proper test ride to determine the feel when wearing them. Observe how your feet feel inside. Is it too restrictive? Is it comfortable? Try crouching up and down to check if there’s enough mobility. A walking checklist is also helpful in allowing you to determine how they will function in your workplace. You have to make sure of the following:


  • The heel isn’t coming up out of the boot
  • Heels shouldn’t be rubbing against the back of the boot
  • Toes are not sliding forward
  • Toes should have an inch of room in front


Check for Pressure Marks

Take your boots off and check if your feet have red spots. These pressure marks will indicate specific areas where the boot rubs against your feet. This could signify a wrong shoe size and could potentially blister your feet.


Check for Unisex Sizing 

Ladies’ safety boots in NZ have a different size chart from men’s safety boots. Make sure to check the right size chart for you. At Safety Boots, we carry brands that offer unisex sizing, such as Blundstone. Blundstone lifestyle boots come in a unisex size, including women’s hell and high-top boots.


Guarantee the Right Size at Safety Boots 

At Safety Boots, we are committed to providing you with 100% comfort. All our work boots are in AU or UK sizes and provide you with a size conversion chart so that you get a pair with the right fit. If you ordered the wrong size, you can return it to us for a refund or exchange — it’ that easy. And if all else fails and you’re not happy with your purchase in the first 30 days, we’ll get your money back! Shop for comfortable safety boots today. If you have any concerns about purchasing our products online, contact us today!