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Top 3 Lightweight Footwear for Safety on the Worksite | Safety Boots NZ

Date: 18-01-2022

Top 3 Lightweight Footwear for Safety on the Worksite

Any employee working in construction or any industry that requires wearing safety shoes in NZ knows the importance of wearing comfortable lightweight work boots. Wearing hefty work boots isn’t the most ideal situation when working under harsh conditions. And if you find yourself dragging your feet at work, it may be time to make a footwear change. Wearing high-quality lightweight work boots helps reduce the pressure off your feet, ankles, and lower back so you can work comfortably and safely. Here are our top four lightweight footwear picks that keep your feet fully protected while keeping you comfortable as you work.


Lace-up Safety Boot 

Lace-up safety boots are classic work boots with a lace-up design that ensures a more secure fit. The Work Force Terra lace up safety boot is made from buffalo split leather, a light yet enduring material to ensure comfort and protection. It has a steel toe cap, PU sole, and padded collar for extra comfort and ankle support. Most importantly, it’s lightweight, allowing you to move around more flexibly while keeping you safe from hazardous work environments.

Waterproof Gumboots

Unlike regular safety boots, some options are much lighter but offer the same, if not better, foot protection. Gumboots are one of them. You can wear them in a wide range of applications where comfort and protection are required from water and other liquids. Waterproof gumboots have a lightweight toecap and light padding so that you don’t have to carry the extra weight on your feet. The Blundstone 025 waterproof safety gumboots feature protective patterning to provide greater resilience to cuts and abrasion in vulnerable areas. It also features a knit lining for added comfort and has a luxury footbed with arch support and XRD® technology to provide extra cushioning and better impact absorption.


Jogger Safety Shoes 

Jogger safety shoes focus on quality, comfort, and style. The John Bull 6521 Leopard safety jogger shoes are designed to keep you agile, swift, and strong while protecting your feet from gravel, slippery surfaces, or stabbing into objects. It is made from lightweight nylon and has quick fastening lace and steel toe protection. It is also grip and slip resistant, has a PU footbed with gel inserts, and is resistant to electrical hazards, heat, oil, acid, and organic fat.


Work Comfortably Without the Extra Weight

Working at outdoor job sites can be uncomfortable in and of itself. That’s why here at Safety Boots, we have made it our mission to bring you the best safety shoes that are durable and sturdy, and at the same time, give you the comfort you deserve while working in hazardous environments.


At Safety Boots, you can discover a range of lightweight work boots that fulfil ASTM requirements. We carry some of the most trustworthy shoe brands for men’s and women's safety boots and other shoe accessories.


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