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3 Key Tips for Buying Work Boots Online | Safety Boots NZ

Date: 11-01-2022

3 Key Tips for Buying Work Boots Online

The modern way to shop is online, so it makes sense that some of the best safety work boots in New Zealand can be found at online stores. But without being able to try on or feel the quality of the boot in person, how will you make sure you get a quality pair? Let’ s run through some key tips for buying safety boots from online stores.


Choose the Right Boots for the Job

First you want to make sure of you are getting the right boots for the job. Are you a sparky? Plumber? Engineer? You’ll need to make sure your boots have the right features for your specific job.


For a labourer you’re going to need a steel toe capped boot to protect your feet against large materials and machinery. A commercial plumber may need waterproofing to keep their feet dry and comfortable when working in damp environments. Carpenters should consider getting slip-on or boots with a side zip to be able to go from dirty environments to clean environments easily.

Read the Description Carefully!

When finding the right boots for you, it’s a good idea to read the item description thoroughly. The descriptions will include the materials and key features of the boot but will also contain the safety standards that the boots are rated for. Check which safety standards you need for your job and then look for those standards in the description.


Make Sure Your Boots Fit

This can often be the biggest challenge with buying boots online as you can’t try on the boots before you buy them, but it’s important to prevent foot aches and injuries by making sure your boots fit correctly. The first thing you can do is find out your feet measurements.

Safety Boots NZ provides a sizing guide for each boot for extra accuracy. Keep in mind that individual boot styles will sometimes fit differently, so it may not be always be a one-to-one comparison.


Don’t Skimp on Quality!

It may be easy to simply choose the cheapest boots you can find and be done with the whole process, but this can actually end up costing you more money in the long run! Cheaper boots will usually be of lower construction quality and therefore break down much faster, forcing you to replace them sooner.


Look for high-quality safety boots from established brands that have a track record for boot manufacturing such as Blundstone, John Bull, and Oliver. It’s also good to look around for reviews from people who have already bought the product, as they can give you some first-hand insight into how the boots will perform over time.


Buy Boots Online with Safety Boots

For the best options to buy safety shoes in New Zealand and online, shop with Safety Boots NZ. Our customer-friendly website is designed to make your safety boot buying process a breeze. Contact our friendly team today if you have any questions.