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What Do the Best Quality Work Boots Have in Common? | Safety Boots

Date: 22-12-2021

A photo of a pair of safety boots worn by a man standing on a digger track

What Do the Best Quality Work Boots Have in Common?  

The best quality work boots should emphasize comfort, support, and, most importantly, protection. There are many selections of work boots in the market today and purchasing one shouldn’t be a decision you make out of impulse.


You’re shopping for an item that could potentially save your life and prevent serious accidents on the job. Unlike a typical shoe shopping expedition, choosing the best quality work boots is more than just picking a pair of shoes that looks good. It’s more about finding reliable gear that is engineered to keep you safe in risky environments and hazardous workplaces.


What are the characteristics of the best safety boots that experts recommend? The following sections will answer these very critical questions about protective footwear quality and features.


Features to Look for Before Buying Work Boots

You should be familiar with New Zealand’s workplace occupational protective footwear standards before picking your new work boots. Specific boots can be good for business operations. Heavy industries may require stricter standards for footwear.


1. Materials 

Mechanics and tradespeople who operate heavy machinery favour full-grain leather for its strength, durability, and easy-to-clean qualities. A buffed, tough-grain leather featured for its velvety finish is a choice material for general trades. The type of industry you’re in and the nature of your job should give you an idea of what you need.


2. Toes 

There are three major safety footwear options in the market. Steel toes are industry-standard shoes designed to protect your feet from falling debris or equipment. Alloy toe, also known as aluminium toe, is a lighter counterpart that provides the same level of protection. Its material composition makes it thinner and provides more room for the foot.


Composite toe, a metal-free safety boot, features lighter toe caps and enhanced electrical resistance. As a non-conductor, it does not react to heat and cold and is ideal for workplaces that experience extremely high or low temperatures.


3. Soles 

Soles are the underappreciated and unseen heroes of industry safety. Aside from being the only thing that protects you from the extreme temperatures, electrical, and chemical hazards on the ground, they also provide the comfort and grip that keep you stable and balanced in uneven terrain. Choose wisely!


All shoes come either in the form of easy-to-wear slip-on work boots or traditional lace-up work boots. The choice between the two should be more about comfort, necessity, and preference.


What Risks Should Good Quality Safety Shoes Protect You From?

In connection to the previous section, choose the safety footwear that adheres to your workplace’s security requirements. Your first pair of work boots should protect you from the major on-site hazards: electric shocks, molten metal or welding spray, falling objects, exposure to the elements, rough and uneven terrain, and sharp objects, as well as explosives and electrostatic discharge, among others.


Types of Safety Boots for Men and Women

Some boots are designed specifically for men and women, but you can choose any type of material, depending on what is needed for the job, as well as what the common hazards are on-site. Women’s safety boots companies in NZ require may look different from the outside, but they offer the same protection, durability, and comfort.

Considering these factors when purchasing your new pair of protective footwear should help you pick the best quality safety boots in the market.


Safety Boots Can Help You Find the Shoes That Fit Your Needs 

Safety Boots NZ offers a wide selection of high-quality protective boots designed to balance comfort, protection, and style. Choose from a range of materials, brands, sizes, and styles of best quality safety boots that fit your needs. Buy your new pair online now or contact our friendly staff to assist you!